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Heroes of the week - The Silent Mask Makers

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

This week we salute a group of people who have been supporting friends, family and neighbours during Covid19. They are individuals who have shown that there is no need for a big plan and decided to help others of their own accord. Quietly going about their task, not expecting any recognition or reward, just being nice and looking out for others. These are the mask makers of Wester Ross.

Many wonderful colorful designs have been made- often personalised for the individual - as their sewing machines burst into life to help protect others.

There may be more 'silent mask makers' out there (please tell us!), they seem to be a shy species :-) but a wee thank you will be making its way to these people.

Shena Aanonsen

Jane Burns

Anne Wood

Helen Callow

Sam Bannister

Jenna Pickering

Jill Shilton

It would be great if each hero could send a picture of themselves to so we can add them to our wall of fame. Otherwise.......we will find a way to take your picture !


Many other people have also been kind hearted during Covid19. With 2 awards still to announce you can still nominate anyone in your community, just tell us who (and very briefly why) has made a real difference to you during Covid-19. Send your email to Final date for nominations is 23rd August.

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