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Local Hero Awards – Surprise last edition

This really is the final word.

The last local hero award goes to none other than Mat Webster himself. Mat is Mr Community who time and again goes above and beyond the call of duty. Throughout both lockdowns he was up and down throughout the area collecting and delivering things, sorting stuff out, and always making sure that people were okay. His enthusiasm is limitless and he was a real ‘go to’ if there were any problems.

Numerous people have nominated Mat but he has been too modest to mention it. So, here is his award at last – despite a national shortage of gnomes(!), this little fella made it here and was presented to Mat last week. We hope he’ll help on the croft.

Way to go, Mat. Your contribution to the community is immeasurable, and hugely appreciated by all.

Caroline Hamilton

On behalf of Torridon and Kinlochewe Community Council

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