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Torridon public toilets – HELP NEEDED

Many people will be aware that the toilets operated by Highlife Highland (HLH) as part of Torridon campsite did not open after lockdown eased in 2020. This contributed to considerable sanitation problems with the arrival of tourists last year.

Whilst it is not TKCC’s responsibility to operate these, we are keen to do our bit to help ensure that the community does not suffer the same problems again. For the last few months therefore, we have been pressing HLH to reopen the toilets in time for the 2021 season.

Provisional opening date

We are very pleased to say that HLH has now set a provisional date for opening of 26 April 2021. This is likely to be of the toilets only (no showers), with the campsite remaining closed.

Extra cleaning will be required because of Covid. Since HLH does not have the budget to pay for this, TKCC is working to source the necessary grant and other funding, and we already have some pledges of support.

We need your help

We need to find staff to cover 14 cleaning shifts a week. This will be on a paid, not voluntary, basis and should take about 20-30 minutes max per shift.

A rota for each week will be drawn up, with cleaning required at approximately 9am and 3pm. This would be until the end of October.

Ideally, we are looking for people who can clean once to twice a week, plus perhaps some relief staff who just clean occasionally, eg. when someone else is away.

Cleaning multiple times a day should mean the toilets never get very dirty, therefore perhaps the duties would best be described as 'sanitising’. As you would expect PPE will be provided and training given.

Clearly, this is not a wholly satisfactory solution and some may say that other organisations should take responsibility. However, TKCC believes it is in everyone’s interests to help get the toilets open as best we can. We will then review the situation again once the season is over.

If we do not find people to help clean the toilets, it is unlikely they will be able to open. Therefore, if you are willing to step up and help the community, please email by 31st March.

Many thanks

Mat Webster

On behalf of Torridon & Kinlochewe Community Council

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