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‘Your Police 2020-2021’ survey - Highlands & Islands


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11 September 2020

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‘Your Police 2020-2021’ survey - Highlands & Islands

People living in the Highlands & Islands are being urged to make their views known about policing in their area.

Police Scotland launched a survey earlier this year – ‘Your Police 2020-2021’ - which asks communities across the country to tell us their opinions about the policing response to coronavirus within their Division. It also includes questions on public confidence in the police and perception of crime in local areas.

The survey is the largest of its kind in the UK to involve the public in a conversation about policing and coronavirus. Tens of thousands of responses have been received so far which are reviewed on a weekly basis, helping us to respond to emerging issues and shape our approaches to policing in local areas.

Divisional Commander Chief Superintendent Conrad Trickett said: "The survey is open throughout the year to help us identify and understand people’s opinion of their local police service, as well as any concerns about safety and wellbeing in their area. During these challenging times and beyond, I would strongly urge people to take the time now to give us your views and opinions as your feedback will ensure that our approaches to policing are relevant and supporting the communities we serve.

“We have maintained a strong level of public confidence in Scottish policing over the past few months and we value the strong relationships we have with our communities. The survey takes no longer than 10 minutes to complete, so in the time it takes to have a quick cup of tea, you can play a crucial role in shaping our services for Highland & Islands Division and beyond.”

You can complete the survey over the phone by calling 07717 150 296 and leaving a message. A member of the survey team will then call you back.

A British Sign Language version is also available at:

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