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Community Gardening projects - what would you like?

Message from TKCC- replies to

We are pleased to advise that the TKCC has been awarded a small amount of funding to be used for community gardening projects.

If divided equally among the villages this amounts to approximately £400 per village. We have come up with some options for how the money could be used and are seeking community input on which option is preferred for each village.

Option 1: 4 half whisky barrel planters per village with compost and vouchers for bedding plants. Could be placed at the entrance to each village.

Option 2: Blether Bench/Sitooterie

1 recycled plastic bench per village to be installed at an agreed communal site and supplemented with further planting similar to the Gairloch Sitooterie. An outdoor space for social contact. Would require appropriate sites to be identified.

Option 3: Orchard of Remembrance

8-10 fruit/nut trees (with deer protection) per village. A space for reflection and to commemorate all those who have worked to protect our community during the pandemic.

Would require appropriate sites to be identified.

If you would like to be involved with the project please email with the name of your village, your preferred option and suggested location. If we do not receive responses for your village, TKCC will select an option for you.

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