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Your first local Hero is...Emily John

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Em has been greeting customers at Torridon Stores with a big smile and lots of positivity throughout lockdown.  Lifting the spirits of those who have visited the shop but also of those isolating or far away via her regular cheerful facebook posts.  As well as working at the medical practice, Em is a retained fire fighter and with the Torridon crew helped extinguish the big wildfire at Achintraid, so lockdown has been anything but quiet for Em!

Em receives a sweet hamer and a wee bottle of Prosecco.  From everyone in your community thans Em for bringing your sunshine to the Store by the Shore.


You can nominate anyone in your community, just tell us who (and very briefly why) has made a real difference to you during Covid-19. Send your email to  Awards will be made throughout July & August.

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