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Step forward this weeks local heros: Maggie Smith (& Ruby) of Torridon

Throughout lockdown Maggie provided her very own "call & collect" delivery service for her neighbours who were shielding.

Maggie and Ruby were a cheery sight up and down the road - whatever the weather. Just a shame she wasn't wearing a pedometer to record her 2-4 trips a day to collect newspapers and 'messages' - almost always whilst sucking on a humbug !

Maggie continues to look out for her neighbours with phone calls and support, Ruby is hoping the regular walks continue for a wee while yet.

Congratulations to Maggie on her award.


It's not too late to nominate a local hero, there are 3 more awards to present during August.

You can nominate anyone in your community, just tell us who (and very briefly why) has made a real difference to you during Covid-19. Send your email to

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