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This week’s local hero award goes to a double act who you never see together…Janet & John (the Post)

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

As key workers, Janet & John have continued to work throughout the lockdown, delivering to everyone, including those unable to work or isolating at home. As people have switched to ordering more online their workload has increased - at a time when most people’s workload has gone down. Vital supplies, regular deliveries and luxury items to help us get through Covid-19 – all direct to our door. They have needed to take extra precautions by wearing (often uncomfortable) PPE but they have still been at an increased risk during the crisis.

From everyone in the community, thank you both for working so hard. Enjoy a drink on us – and Cheers!


You can nominate anyone in the community, just tell us who has made a real difference to you during Covid-19 (and very briefly why). Send your email to Awards will be made throughout July and August.

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