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One man and his spade

Our final local hero award goes to a man who doesn't have a cape, can't fly, and doesn't wear his underpants outside his trousers. But he is still a hero.

Step forward Torridon resident John Beamer. Nominated by many people in Torridon for his hard work and dedication voluntarily to clear the roadside ditches between Torridon village and Torridon House.

John decided to keep himself busy and active during lockdown, reducing the chance of the road flooding by clearing the blocked road verges. Many of us have heard of "Calum's Road" - now we have our sequel, "John’s Ditches".

Well done to John.

Thank you to everyone who nominated someone for a local hero award. Including a late flurry of nominations which arrived after the closing date! Unfortunately we had only a limited number of awards to present, but the nominations show how many people really appreciate what others have done for them and the wider community during these very difficult last few months.

We do have one bonus award to present at the end of September - watch this space :-)

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