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Are you caring for or helping out someone in the community during Covid 19?

As lockdown begins to ease, more people are expected to visit the area - our local ‘bubble’ is already beginning to burst. Torridon and Kinlochewe Community Council has 500ml hand sanitiser bottles available to help you, and those who you look out for, to stay safe. We have also purchased a small stock of reusable/washable fabric face masks, with more on the way; plus we have a number of  local volunteers who are able to make masks.

These supplies are primarily intended for those who perhaps collect shopping for a neighbour, call round to check someone is okay on a regular basis, or do something similar.

To request hand sanitizer and/or a face mask please email your name and address to

The items will be delivered to your door by the community car scheme. 

If you know someone who does not use email please can you contact them and reply on their behalf to ensure everyone has the chance to benefit from this support which has been funded by HIE's supporting communities Covid19 fund.


Mat Webster

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