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COVID-19: Masks, gloves & hand sanitiser supplies available

Whilst we have no insider info, we are expecting the Scottish Government to announce an increased requirement to wear masks in certain public places.

The community council have received funding to provide PPE - masks, gloves, hand sanitiser.  

Firstly this is for those who volunteer with the community - community car scheme, community events etc but also for those helping out neighbours who may be isolating or in need of support. We may be able to extend the offering to all households if funding allows.

We are aware that some members of the community are already making face coverings at home. If anyone has the time and skills to expand their production or wants to start making masks please can you get in touch with Mat 07905 314465 Email:

We are looking at the various options but hope to make a decision this weekend about the type of face covering we need to purchase or produce to keep our community safe.

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