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We are sure many are currently playing 'spot the non-local cars' game. The area has seen a number of day trippers since the easing of restrictions on Friday, 29 May and we have received a few questions regarding what is and isn’t allowed. 

The current Scottish Government advice, which we encourage everyone to follow, is detailed in full on the NHS Scotland and Scottish Government websites. These sites will be updated if and when guidelines change. We feel it is better to share these links rather than replicate the information here:

Key points at the time of writing:

  • All holiday accommodation remains closed

  • Food business can only offer takeaway

  • You can meet up with one other household outdoors once a day and in small numbers (no more than 8 people) staying 2 metres apart

  • If you’re eating with another household bring your own food, plates and cutlery

  • You can travel short distances for outdoor leisure and exercise (including hillwalking and other non-contact activities) but ideally should stay within 5 miles of your local community

Here is a useful reminder of how some of the guidelines differ in different parts of the UK:

We expect the number of visitors to increase as restrictions are eased further. The timetable for lifting restrictions is currently unknown, but our local businesses are beginning to prepare for reopening, most in an amended way of operating. 

As a Community Council, we don’t feel able to offer advice about when (for example) you should/shouldn't take holiday accommodation bookings for, but we are happy to try and point you in the right direction for advice if we can.

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